#FREEFONTFRIDAY - 6 Free Fonts to Level Up Your Design (+ How to Pair Them)

Google Fonts is an excellent resource for finding open source typefaces that are free to use across digital and print media. Check out my recommendations below:

  1. Bebas Neue - Designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa, Bebas Neue is ideal for bold and eye-catching headlines, captions, and packaging. It's based on the original Bebas typeface. Due to its unique style, Bebas Neue pairs well with most standard sans-serif and serif fonts, thought I'm a fan of matching it up with Lato.

  2. Prata - The existing description says it best: "Prata is an elegant Didone typeface with sharp features and organic teardrops. There is a certain tension in the contrast of its virile serifs and soft refined curves. Its triangular serifs complement and accent the thin strokes, and the high contrast means it will work best in display sizes." Balance its high-contrast style by pairing with a elegant and evenly-weighted sans serif like Raleway.

  3. Capriola - Quirky and unique, Capriola adds interest to a typical sans-serif with its unusual glyphs. Friendly and approachable, this font makes for both interesting headlines and very readable copy. If using it for titles, ground it with a classic serif like Garamond or Georgia for a pleasing pairing ideal for easy reading.

  4. Bentham - An absolutely gorgeous serif font "inspired by the lettering of nineteenth-century maps, gravestones and the maker’s plates of cast-iron machinery." Charming and elegant, Bentham is suitable for both titles and body copy, especially in print. Online, pairing it with Roboto will add a modern touch to this throwback typeface.

  5. Newsreader - Elegant and readable, this digital-optimized serif is perfect for use on websites and other long-form content online. With so many weights available, Newsreader pairs perfectly with itself or an attractive sans-serif like Lato, Raleway, or...

  6. Work Sans - Another font built to be displayed on screens, Work Sans is a clean sans serif that feels undeniably modern. With an incredible range of styles and weights, Work Sans is wonderfully flexible (making it ideal for adding interest in projects that require a limited number fonts). Try pairing its Bold 700 and Thin 100 weights for clean contrast, or bring in an elegant serif like Newsreader or Gilda Sans for a striking header.